MSG’s Al Trautwig Has Taken A Leave Of Absence

For anyone who has ever watched a New York Rangers or New York Knicks game knows who Al Trautwig is. He has been covering the Rangers and Knicks on MSG for as long as I can remember. Last week during a Rangers pre season game, Al looked out of sorts. He seemed shaky and ill. Something was clearly wrong. No details are out yet of what exactly is the cause, but both MSG and Al stated that he will be back at some point during the regular season. Hopefully Trautwig can make a speedy recover and this isn’t serious. He is a solid analyst and one that I actually respect because of his honesty breaking down the game.


Get well Al. We are going to need you this year to break down the kids play and to keep Valiquette in line. It is believed that John Giannone and Bill Pidto will take over Al’s role until he returns.

-Papa Whales


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