Introducing The Morning Skate’s New Pens Blogger

Whats up world? My name is Jake but you can just call me JJ. I’m The Morning Skate’s new Pittsburgh Penguins blogger. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “how’d this guy get the gig?”. Simple answer, I just asked and now I’m on the internet. I’m not an English major, I don’t have perfect grammar, I suck at spelling and you’ll probably find some type of error in every one of my posts, don’t worry though, you don’t have to tell me, I’ll survive without knowing.

Who am I? Great question and I’m not sure I have a great answer. I’ve played hockey my entire life at all levels. Mite, Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget, Junior and College. I’ve been following the Penguins since Mario made his return from cancer. No, I didn’t hop on the wagon in between their back to back cups (wassup) and yeah, I fucking love Crosby, sue me. This year, I will be covering anything and everything Pens related and boy oh boy do I hope to write a blog about a Jack Johnson trade at some point.

So lets start off by this, last night the Pens won their preseason game against the Red Wings. Sid played in his first game of preseason and of course buried a goal in the third period. They had Tanev, the crazy free agent signing they had this past summer, playing with Crosby and Guentzel which basically means Tanev is about to have a career year. Alex Galchenyuk had the night off but in the one game he’s played this preseason, he let a bomb of a snapper go and watched it to the back of the net against a Columbus goalie. Aside from him not playing, the line up looked pretty much like what were going to see this year. The dominant third line the Pens have had in the passed might be back with McCann, Bjugstad and Hornqvist. Malkin is ready to dominate the league again this year, he told me in an exclusive interview. I don’t know about you but this team seems ready to add a third cup in five years and I’m ready to cover it. Buckle up people, we have less than a week till the regular season starts.


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