Preseason Game 5: Rangers Islanders

Hey guys! COuldn’t watch this game live so I DVRd it and watched it once I got home from dinner last night. Was nice to fast forward through commercials so I didn’t have to hear Kars for Kids or France in the air OoOoOooooo, thank god.

  • I mean, how true is this? I love Lemmy man. The guys competes hard, bothers the shit out of everyone and has a big ass head. As long as he can stay on the right side of the line, he’ll be nothing but a positive for the team and for us watching at home.
  • Andersson with an assist and another full 60 guaranteed him a roster spot. He looks like a different player in terms of confidence and swagger. He doesn’t get lost nearly as much and I don’t think I could be happier with what I’ve seen this pre season. Hoping the kid has a good year and really turns into a solid centermen for this group.
  • I think the 6th defenseman job is between Hajek and Lindgren. Hajek is a terrific defenseman because you don’t really notice him that much. He stays under the radar and just does his thing. Having said that, I love Lindgren. He would’ve been a perfect Boston Bruin if he wasn’t traded here. He’s tough, sticks up for teammates, and doesn’t tip toe around veterans. Normally you see kids shy away from physical conflict but he embraces it. He competes hard and hasn’t made any giant mistakes this preseason. I think Hajek will make the team but damn, I wish Lindgren would. If only there was a left handed defenseman we could fire into the sun…
  • Georgy played a real solid game. Not too many mistakes and looked like he belonged. Have a feeling Prince Igor will man the cage in Hartford until we’re ready for more of a full’er’ time gig.
  • Tony DeAngelo is a stud and is going to get PAID next summer. He’s not a kid anymore and has really come into camp looking like it. Accurate passes, hard to compete against, has some sand paper and hes right handed. Dollar, dollar, bills yall.
  • What do you do with Chytil? I honestly have no idea. I’m just happy he’s still so young so no matter what you do it’ll be beneficial. Big expectations like the media saying he looks like a new man and he’s the player to watch might have had an effect on my overall opinion on him.
  • Does he make the team? I’d have to think so, but you never know.
  • Love how we continue to talk about Vinni Letteris shot like its Alex Ovechkin every single game. Sam, Joe, if his shot was that good he’d be in the show boys.
  • Casey Cizikas, Matt Martin and Cal Clutterbuck are a pain to play against, always have been always will be. I’ve always respected that, that is until two of them were throwing punches at a rookie on the ice. Couple tough guys eh? I know we were going on a PPer at the time, but when Cal was poking Lemmy I wish he just beat the wheels off of him. Would’ve been great to see.

Keds Regular Season Starting Lineup:

10 – 93 – 89

20 – 16 – 45/24

90 – 50 – 48

72 – 21 – 19

76 – 8

43 – 77

18 – 23




Author: Ked

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