UPDATE: Ho-Sang Asked For Trade, Lou Says Not to Report

What an odd career Ho-Sang has had thus far. Having been a first round pick, 28th overall, Ho-Sang has always been highly regarded for his skill and explosiveness but there has always been off ice issues. I mean, how many players do you hear oversleeping in the middle of camp while trying to make the team?

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 1.24.17 PM.png


In his short NHL career, he hasn’t exactly lit it up but he also hasn’t played terrible. Never really given a chance on a top line, or really a chance at all, Ho-Sang has been vocal to the media about his treatment playing for the Islanders.

When training camp wrapped up this year it was to everyones surprised that he was waived and had to pass by 30 other NHL teams to make it to Bridgeport. Analytical nerds across the country started playing with themselves at the thought that Ho-Sang was a free agent and surely will go somewhere, that is, until he never received a call.


So this is where we are now. A guy who thinks he’s better than he is isn’t reporting for a team that he’s probably too good to be on. Are you ever sick and tired of being sick and tired? Josh Ho-Sang for sure is. I hope he can figure his shit out because when he’s just playing hockey and focused on being a stud, the kid can fucking wheel.



Author: Ked

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