Rangers Trade Namestnikov to The Senators, What This Means For The Kids

You all wanted the kids to play center. You all wanted the kids to get more minutes. You just got your wish. Yeah, I’m not an idiot, I know that Vlady wasn’t down the middle the first two games of the year but Vlad played some center ice last year and was a definite back up plan for if shit ever hit the fan. What does this mean? This means Andersson, Howden and eventually Chytil are going to be fed minutes down the middle. If they aren’t in the middle right away, this means there will be room on the wing for a younger kid to come in and take a swing. This might not all happen right away, but it will. People forget, we’ve only played 120 minutes of hockey. This means that these kids will continue to play short handed minutes and these kids will be given more of an opportunity when the game is on the line. This also means that Greg McKegg will be playing some hockey for the Blueshirts and that just feels fantastic.

Now I know some of you are going to go back to the deal with the Lightning and complain about the trade and what we got for them. Paging Blueshirts Breakaway.

Yup, that sounds right. Everything has a narrative, everything has two sides to the story. Theres still a ton of value that went to the Rangers and with the reports I’ve been seeing so far this year, it looks like Nils is going to be a stud.

Furthermore, the Rangers clear some cap space. Does this mean something is imminent? Not necessarily but if a trade were to come up, the Rangers have a bit more leeway than they originally had.

Author: Ked

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