Tampa Bay Loses to Carolina After Having 11 Shots In The First Period and Just 2 The Rest of Regulation and Overtime


There is no doubt that Tampa Bay is stacked with talent, with players like Stamkos, Kucherov, Point, Johnson, etc. but this is a rougghhhh look for the back to back Stanley cup favorites.

TAMPA BAY TIMES: To be exact, the Lightning went 25 minutes, 52 seconds between Steven Stamkos’ goal at 17:44 of the first period and a shot by him early in the third. That’s not a winning recipe.

They went AN ENTIRE PERIOD without getting a shot on goal. I know it’s October and it’s not exactly the playoffs but how does something like this happen? Was no-one ready to go? I could see a dog shit team not being able to put a puck on net, but the Lightning? The team that set records last year, the team that has more fire power on than arguably any team in the show?

Stamkos went on to say:

TAMPA BAY TIMES: “We just continue to be the freewheeling team that thinks we can just come into games and win because we’re skilled,” Stamkos said. “We keep falling back into the same old bad habits that we’ve been doing, that cost us the season we had last year.

“Unless we change things, it’s going to be a really, really, really long year.”

Good for Stamkos calling them out on their bullshit. Over the years I’ve started to like Stamkos and think this was absolutely the time to call people out. I recently talked about a preseason game in which the Rangers and Flyers combined for about a billion icings and how awful it was to watch. I would rather watch that game sitting on a couch with needles poking out of it than watch my team get alphad like this to the storm surging hurricanes. I’d rather play in traffic than watch my team get swirlied by Dougie Hamilton and the boys. Can the Lightning bounce back? Is Cooper potentially on the hot seat? Also, enough on Tampa, is Carolina just that good? The Canes are 3-0 this year with all 3 wins coming from behind. I hate to say it, but they might just be the real deal.

Author: Ked

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