Kaapo Kakko Scores First Career NHL Goal…and Rexy Boy Returns to TMS


Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 1.42.14 PM

Yes, you did read that title correctly.

FeverBoy Rexy is back. And Kaapo scored too. After a two year hiatus, I have found my TMS admin login information and will be chipping in here and there moving forward. Much like a Lee Stempniak type.

Some would speculate that I have been in hiding due to the PTSD suffered from the 2018 “USA vs Denmark World Juniors Chardonnay Night” in upstate New York (If you don’t know what happened that night then that is a good thing and please do not ask about this). Turns out, I have just been really lazy and have been enjoying watching/listening to Ked and Hal do their thing. BUT, as true legends of the game do, they return to the battle. The Dean Portman of TMS if you will.

I am extremely excited to be back with the fellas to talk hockey and write about the GERS and other random things.


The moment all Rangers fans have been looking forward to, happened today at the garden. 18 year old, KAAPO KAKKO scored his first career NHL goal and it did not disappoint. Great play, great pass by Stromer, great finish by the kid. It has to feel incredible to get that first one out of the way, especially in that fashion.

Check it out….

Need another Look? Suuuureeee.

I am excited to see the future for this kid and for the team in general.

Peace.Love.Rangers. Go get em Kaapo! #EmbraceTheBuild


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