Report: Kravtsov Might Go Back to KHL, I Call Bullshit

Not the way I wanted to start my Wednesday but here I am.


Why? If you guys remember, this is the same guy that guaranteed Kovalchuk wound up in NY even though the Rangers were going full rebuild and it made absolutely no sense. Has he gotten some things right? Probably. But this all started with the Rangers schedule, or lack of, and people not having enough to write about. This also started with a Rangers fan base who 99% think they would have better success running a PROFESSIONAL SPORTS TEAM. After being scratched once ( 1 ), twitter and everyone else was practically calling for this to happen and it was only a matter of time before someone took this story and ran with it, thus starting a full on panic and coup against the Rangers and their front office staff. The lack of games, the lack of things to talk about, and overly passionate fan base (myself included) is what got this poppin’ off.

Whats probably going to happen? Absolutely nothing. Krav will rip it up in the always hungry league, get some more games in, get called up, form a dynasty with Kakko, breadman and Zib, and this will all be forgotten.

On the off chance that this guy is right? Not a great look. Going back to the KHL isn’t going to ruin his development but will almost certainly effect the relationship Krav has with the Rangers moving forward. Again, your guess is as good as mine but I’m not jumping ship from my Rangers and my homie Vitali.

Author: Ked

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