Devils Blow Another Lead, Will Hynes be Fired?

Another night, another Devils loss. As sure as the sun will come up and the sun will go down, the Devils lost just like they normally do, giving up 5 unanswered to the Panthers to go 0-6. Jack Hughes is without a point, Corey Schneider seems to have lost whatever sort of mojo he had found after not getting a notch in the W column for a FULL CALENDAR YEAR and the Devils are spiraling. Fuck, just ask NJ Devils fan page guy who posted pictures and videos to hype everyone up, as he would say. That kid is probably hiding under his bed with 4 empty containers of Elmers glue. Live look at that kid right now.

I said at the beginning of the year that I saw NJ making the playoffs. They have a healthy Taylor Hall, Corey Schneider, a STUD in Jack Hughes, PK Subban who is on another level, and role players like Blake Coleman and Miles Wood Aka Tom Wilson Jr. So what happened? I jinxed them, obviously.


Or I just don’t have a fucking clue about the Devils. Now what? Well the Devils play Thursday against the Rangers at home. In my honest opinion, if the Devils lose to the Rangers on home ice then I see Hynes getting the boot. 7 games might not seem like much but that’s essentially an 1/8 of your season in the shitter. If the Devils want any sort of shot to make the playoffs, the time is now, as asinine as that seems.

Author: Ked

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