KHL Coach Fined For Telling Ref He Would Light His Car on Fire

ESPN– The Kontinental Hockey League fined Amur Khabarovsk 300,000 rubles ($4,700) after coach Alexander Gulyavtsev shouted “I’m going to set fire to your car in Perm,” a reference to the Russian city where both he and referee Viktor Gashilov are from.

Gulyavtsev was protesting a penalty awarded against his team in Monday’s game against Dynamo Moscow.
Gulyavtsev later said he meant the comments as “a joke,” adding that “I just said car, it’s not as if I said apartment.”

I fucking love Russia man. I feel like it’s just a modern day Red Dead Redemption. You have your law enforcement, your outlaws and some guys who are just really good at hockey. I wonder if Amur knew he fucked up the moment he said it. We’ve all been there. We’ve all said something and immediately after be like “Well, that won’t go over well.” And as I wonder this, I’m assuming the answer is no because he doubled down by saying at least he didn’t say his apartment.  2 minutes, well worth it. Can you imagine if this happened in the NHL and how fake mad people would be about it? Russia, never change.

Author: Ked

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