ICYMI: Last Night We Had Ourselves a Big Boy Hockey Fight Between Tom Wilson and Brendan Lemieux

Last night the Capitals played the Rangers and it did not disappoint. The Rangers won 4-1 off of two goals from the bread man and a solid effort by Henrik Lundqvist. The game brought what you’d expect it to have, with Tom Wilson and Brendan Lemieux mixing it up. Earlier in the game, Tom Wilson was an absolute monster.

Yeah, those hurt for sure. Tom Wilson is one bad mamajama and continued to not only play but run his mouth a bit.

Love it. Late in the third, Lemieux saw Wilson coming, took a hit, and came up throwing.

These are two big boys who play the game with some edge. Tom Wilson is the last of a dying breed of power forwards. They just don’t make hockey players like that anymore. Does he cross the line? Sure does, but to his credit, he’s seemed to have button things up this year. Brendan Lemieux plays just like his dad in which he’s always running his mouth and his finger is planted on the eject button whenever there is an opportunity to let them fly. It was nice to see a couple big boys throw some hands. It doesn’t happen often anymore so when it does I’ll blog about it so those of you who enjoy the intensity of hockey fights can get your fix.

Author: Ked

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