Some Festive Picks Heading Into The Weekend

After a couple weeks off with Thanksgiving and work, it is time to get back it. I don’t know why none of the lines are out yet, but it is what it is. I’m still making my picks. Just a fair warning, November was ice cold. I finished 11-13 -3.95 units. My Saturday picks did go 5-4 though. I keep that record separate since I go off of speculation and not actual lines. Things change.Overall, I am sitting at a 50-38 record on the season (+10.79 units). Not horrible, but November should’ve been better. Anyways, here we go.




Colorado Avalanche at Boston Bruins: Bruins ML -140?

The Avalanche have had a great roadie. They end it with the big bad Bruins. Unfortunately for them, they will face the B’s coming off a loss to the Blackhawks. Also, this will probably be the lowest line you will get if you ever want to bet the best team in the NHL.



Colombus Blue Jackets at Florida Panthers: Blue Jackets ML +135

The Blue Jackets are coming off a really bad loss to the New York Rangers. They played great and outshot the Blue Shirts 2-1. The Panthers are coming off a longer break and I think the Jackets will jump out to a great start. This line is a great spot for a dog and I think that the Jackets will fulfill the upset in front of all 267 fans that show up to this game.



New Jersey Devils at Nashville Predators: Over 6

The Devils have been lighting up like a Christmas tree the past couple games. Defensively they struggle. On the offense, they can put goals in. The Preds have been playing in some low scoring games, but that will all change. The highly skilled offense will be able to pop in at least 4 and I do believe the Devils will be capable of completing the over.


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