Jumbo Joe, Sharks Are On A War Path

The San Jose Sharks seem to be on a war path lately. First, it was Evander Kane getting ejected the other night against the Washington Capitals. If you didn’t see the shenanigans the other night against the Caps, the link below will give you the full run down….

Evander Kane Hit On Gudas

Kane got a slap on a wrist fine (5k) on that ugly hit which led to some funny chirps between Thornton and Wilson. Wilson brought up his Stanley Cup ring. Kind of a low blow, but Wilson has earned his right to say what he wants. The guy is a monster and a top 3 tough guy in the league. It is what it is.

But last night things got ugly again. Jumbo Joe just bodies Mrazek. My words don’t do it justice, just watch.

Hey Petr…DO NOT GO AFTER JOE THORNTON. Jumbo has been through some shit. He’s not afraid of anyone. He is royalty in this league. If you think he slashed you, let your team know and let them handle it. C’mon now.

I kind of like this role the Sharks are embracing. The take no shit attitude, mixing it up after plays, and not backing down to anyone. The Sharks haven’t had the best start to the season and are having a hard time finding consistency in their play. The NHL always likes a good villain and I really like that the Sharks could be filling that role!






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