Coach Roy Sommer Brings The Heat On Sharks Bench

In the midst of all the coaching chaos lies a beacon of light. As the dust settles amongst the accusations and rumors…as coaches everywhere watch their backs in fear of being next on the hit list, lies a man who might be untouchable.

His name is Coach Roy Sommer. And Roy is not messing around anymore. For anyone who doesn’t know, Coach Sommer is a part time associate coach for the San Jose Sharks and a full time fashion icon. I don’t really care if this isn’t the first time a coach has done this. In fact I am quite sure it isn’t. But it’s the timing of this stance. Bolo tie game 1 after the firing of Head Coach Petey DeBoer? You can bet your ass that Roy is sending a message to the NHL. The NHL will not tolerate abuse of any kind? Owners firing coaches because of poor play? Good luck enforcing those rules with Coach Roy Sommer. No man has ever been fired wearing a bolo tie. Never.

I want to thank Bardown Instagram for being the first to post the bolo tie siting.

How much did the value of this autographed card grow after last night?


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