Crosby Returns With A 4 Point Night

Back in early November, Sid had a surgery for a core related injury. He missed 28 games and finally returned last night in a 7-3 beat down against the Minnesota Wild. Number 87 didn’t skip a beat. He looked refreshed and poised as he notched a goal and 3 apples.

The Penguins as a whole have been riddled with the injury bug. A week ago it was announced that Jake Guentzel will miss the entire season with a shoulder injury. Jake had 23 goals and 43 points in 38 games. And was a huge reason why the Penguins remained dominant without their Captain.

During the 28 game span without Crosby, the Penguins went 18-6-4 and have been one of the best teams in the NHL. But if they want to make a run they will need two things. First, they need to stay healthy. They cannot afford to lose anyone else. Second, they need to make a move. I know there have been rumblings of Galchenyuk being moved. They need depth badly and some secondary scoring. The Penguins are sort of like the Patriots where they bring guys up and they catch fire at the right time so I’m not too concerned.

Say what you want about the Penguins and Crosby, but they are lethal. Definitely a sneaky cup contender as people are distracted by the Leafs, Bruins, Bolts, and Caps. Don’t count Pittsburgh out. Could even be a futures play to win the East/Cup!


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