Beer Leaguer Awarded $700,000 After Hit to Head

A beer league hockey player who suffered a head injury almost eight years ago should get more than $700,000 from the player who crashed into him, an Ontario court has ruled.

The case highlights the change in how courts treat hockey injuries, the judge said in her decision.

“This is not the first lawsuit in Canada for injuries sustained during a hockey game,” Justice Sally Gomery wrote in her decision. “Courts have moved from requiring evidence of intent to harm to applying the general rules of negligence, adapting them to the context of a sport where some risk of injury is inevitable.”

Pretty wild that there is a harsher punishment for this guy then for Tom Wilson, Corey Perry, Kassian or either of the Tkachuk brothers and the 100 questionable hits they’ve given out— I joke, I joke.. kinda.

This is INSANE. There is a lot more to this story, which you can see here, but this case went on for 8 years. Can you imagine being involved in a legal case for 8 years because some guy in your beer league decided to be an asshole? I found this quote intriguing:

“Every player who testified stated that a blindside hit to the face is, and was, outside the bounds of fair play,” Gomery said. “They have no place in recreational play, or in any hockey game.”

Someone get DoPS on the horn, they’ve got some explaining to do.

Author: Ked

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