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Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, The Morning Skate proudly brings to you its new Washington Capitals blogger Disco!


Born and raised in a small town about an hour and a half away from NYC, I grew up playing competitive roller hockey till I was 10– then they demolished our rink for a Home Depot and that was it. There were no rinks where I lived so I had to transition to basketball, *eyeroll*, I know very suss!

I first fell in love with the game of hockey with the Mighty Ducks movies, as every kid ever does, but I didn’t truly start my passion for the game of hockey until I attended SUNY Brockport near Rochester NY. My freshman year I lived with a bunch of school’s hockey players and really go to see what is was about. Whether it was just shooting the shit with them or going to support the boys on a Friday or Saturday night before we would get #InOne, hockey was back and I loved it. That is where I started to get that itch to play again and now I am just a Beer Leaguer these days.

You might be asking, “Disco how are you a CAPS fan being from NY living near NYC and going to college near Buffalo?” Well I have cousins that live in Virginia and every other Christmas we would go down there to visit. On Dec. 23, 2005 we went to a Caps game and that’s where I was graced with the presence of a rookie Alexander Mikhailovich Ovechkin or as he is now known Ovi or the Great Eight. The Caps won that game 4-2 against the Habs and I have been a Caps die-hard fan ever since. Trust me, it has been a long road of getting my heart ripped out countless times over the past couple decades, that is until the 2017-2018 magical Stanley Cup winning season. 3 years ago, I took my talents to the Valley of the Sun in Scottsdale AZ where I am a teacher and coach football and baseball. This NHL season has already been an exciting one and I look forward to talking about the current Metro leading Wagon that is the Washington Capitals.


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