Coyotes Move To Central Division

The NHL Board of Governors voted Tuesday to move the Arizona Coyotes to the Central Division. The vote was unanimous. The Yotes will remain in the Pacific Division until after the 20-21 season as the NHL gears up for the addition of the Seattle Seals. (Name not yet announced).

We all knew a change was coming. The only option was for Seattle to play in the Pacific. And given the team count in the Central and Pacific, someone had to move. This new set up will leave 8 teams in the Pacific and 7 in the Central.

Apparently the attendance against Central Division teams were higher than Pacific? So I guess that’s good. Quite frankly I don’t really care what goes on in the West. The way the playoff format is, Arizona could technically end up in the Pacific Division come playoff time if they end up a wild card. I will say that right now the Central Division is a beast. But things change. I don’t think this really changes much. It’s not like the Detroit move to the Eastern Conference. I’ll never get over that. I deeply miss the Red Wings/Avalanche rivalry!

Remember these days? Bring me back. The Wings and Avs played some of the most exciting hockey I will ever see!


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