Thoughts On JR’s Firing From NBC

By now we all know the whole story. We have all heard the comments Roenick made on the number 1 hockey podcast in the world, Spittin Chicklets. And when NBC announced that they have suspended JR without pay, we weren’t shocked. Although I think he was trying to be funny, the comments certainly fell flat on their face and in hind sight put Roenick and Tappen in an awkward spot. At least that’s how myself and pretty much everyone else I’ve spoken to feels about the whole situation. I think everyone believed a suspension without pay was justified and fair.


The other day it was announced that Jeremy Roenick would not return to NBC. I’ll admit, I was a bit shocked. Considering the friendship and overall good relationship that JR and Tappen have, I was surprised it got to the point of NBC throwing Roenick to the curb. He has been working there since 2010 and played an enormous role in bridging the game and media. A personality like Jeremy Roenick’s doesn’t come around often. He was obviously a tremendous talent on the ice and I think people really liked his perspective about the game and his overall thoughts about the younger elite generation. His passion and love for there game was displayed every time he was on camera.

Now onto to my thoughts….I think NBC realizes what they are losing, which is why it took over a month to actually fire him. JR is a victim of cancel culture and it sucks. I truly believe JR was trying to be funny and given the relationship he has with Tappen, I’m sure that humor played between the both of them. I also think she was put in a tough spot, but the comments were obviously distasteful at her expense and uncalled for. She was left with no choice than to go on the defense. We live in a world where it’s one strike and you’re out. Unfortunately the jabs and busting chops within the game, locker room, and even the studio can’t be made public because there is an image that every media company is chasing. There can’t be a single thing said or done that is controversial. There is no room for apologies. And there is certainly no room for forgiveness.

JR finally came out on twitter with a little clip of his reaction. It’s posted above. I can’t say I blame him and I think he handled it correctly. With his personality and resume, there is no doubt that Roenick will have another opportunity elsewhere. I think it would even make sense for him to team up with Spittin Chicklets and Barstool Sports. I think everyone feels the same way, that we know this probably shouldn’t have happened, but not surprised it did. The only thing I’m curious is how the guests on Spittin Chicklets change. They have to be careful because they can’t stir the pot and have to walk a tight line because even if they aren’t part of the media just yet, someday they will, and their words will be used against them at some point.



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