Let’s Parlay

Hey guys, I’m Kevin, and I like to parlay hockey bets. Most bettors do not like to parlay, and it’s seen as a losing strategy generally even by degens — so, be careful. 

I am not particularly careful and will undoubtedly compound my money into a sizeable real estate down payment. That’s one way to parlay my hockey obsession (…see what I did there?)

As for strategy, my life plan is basically the same as it was  for 12-year-old Kevin: believe in the New York Islanders against all logic and follow them to the Promised Land. I’m still waiting to visit that fabled place. Be that as it may, the Islanders are a good team to be in because they are fairly predictable.

The Isles are a great team to bet because of their system and style of play under Barry Trotz. The Islanders have locked it down defensively under Trotz, winning the Jennings trophy last year with a nearly even rotation between career journeymen Thomas Greiss and Robin Lehner. The addition of Semyon Varlamov this year has yielded a similar result, with the Islanders in 4th in the league in goals against. 

With their near lack of a forecheck, reliance on defense, and Lou Lamerillo’s vaguely gangster aura in the mix, the Islanders are a poor man’s version of the late 90’s/early 2000’s Devils. 

I like to bet the Islanders +2 pretty much any time they are an underdog. Even if the opponent gets the empty netter, you push. I parlay that with another underdog to improve the odds closer to even.

The Islanders visit the Avalanche tonight and are at  -270 for +2. For game 2 of the parlay, I like Arizona at Dallas to cover +2. Arizona has only lost by 3+ goals 5 times this year. They’re making a playoff push and have had solid goaltending from Kuemper, Raanta, and Hill. 

Wednesday’s play: Isles +2/Coyotes +2 at -121.

If I’m feeling frisky I will throw some cheddar on each game separately — Isles +145 and Coyotes +137. 

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Author: Puckraker

Puckraker grew up skating and retired after a Tier III NYS tournament appearance with the Great Neck Bruins. These days, Puckraker is a lawyer living the dream from New Orleans, where there are no hockey rinks.

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