BOGO Chipotle Today For The Miracle on Ice 40 Year Anniversary!

That’s right. BOGO buy one get one at chipotle today only as long as you wear a hockey jersey. Do the math, that’s lunch and dinner. 

Open until 10pm, there is no better place for a post-practice meal… Nothing like the boys getting fired up in the locker room like, oh yeah lets hit chipotle, its 9:38 dude we can make it there. Hopping in Keds truck and sending it down wolf road to the best chipotle in the capital district. 

Yes, THE best chipotle. If you are not a noob to fast-casual you know that there is an incredible variance in the quality of chipotle and pretty much all chain locations. Wolf Rd in Latham. Boom. Send it. Book it. Lock it up. 

wolf rd.jpeg

Which is why today, at 12:30 on a Friday I am fired up to go take a nice sunny drive over to my local chipotle, toss my glorious morning skate sweater and my 1980 Bladeshades on and feel like the coolest 27-year-old wearing a jersey by himself in chipotle. 


Do you guys have a chipotle around you that is far superior to others? Do you live in the capital region and want to contest my wolf rd chipotle thesis? Meet me at the Miracle Party were throwing next wednesday and I may just slide you one of these bad boys 

blog chioplte.jpg

UPDATE: 3pm Post Chipotle-

Disco pointed out that I would be remiss to hold back this snapchat from last night. It does really paint the full story

Mood Last Night:                                                      Current Mood:













-Biz Dev


Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 3.22.22 PM

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