Scandella Effect: Another Tough Look For Buffalo

Yesterday was by far the busiest day heading into the NHL trade deadline, Monday February 24th. One of the teams that needed to make a move was the St. Louis Blues. After the terrible event last week that put and end to Jay Bouwmeester’s season, the Blues found themselves short a defenseman. St. Louis shopped the market and traded for Montreal Canadiens d-man Marco Scandella.

The trade sent the 29 year old Scandella to the Blues for a 2020 second round pick and a 2021 conditional 4th round pick. It’s important to note that Scandella is in his final year of his 5 year deal and carries a $4 million cap hit. What makes this trade oh so sweet is that the Buffalo Sabres moved Scandella just 6 weeks ago. What did they get? The move that sent Scandella to the Habs originally was a 2020 4th round pick! The Sabres then traded that pick for Calgary Flames forward Michael Frolik. Frolik is having a miserable year with 12 points (6g, 6a) in 53 games.

Right now the Buffalo Sabres are a dumpster fire. This trade sums up how the Sabres organization has been run for awhile now. They don’t have an identity. They don’t seem to have a short term or long term plan. And they clearly have 0 pulse on the NHL market. I understand they had too many defensemen and needed to bring in a forward. But why wouldn’t you wait to make a move closer to the deadline? Did you think you were a playoff team? Did you think playoffs were a reality? Spare me. This team screams mediocre in every sense of the term. You have no goaltending. You have a few elite players like Eichel and Dahlin, while the rest of the team is just….underwhelming.

I’m not the only one who thinks this and I can just imagine what Duane from the WGR 550 Schoop and the Bulldog famous radio rant thinks about how poorly they’ve managed the market yet again. The fan base is displeased with everything this ownership has done lately. From the glorious alumni event knockoff jersey’s. To misspelling of names on some alumni sweaters.

The organization seems to be falling apart. They can’t do anything right. And if they don’t clean their act, they might see the only positives leave town. Couldn’t you see Eichel wearing the red, white, and blue in the Big Apple? I don’t think it’s to that extreme right now, but the Pegula family better straighten their act. The Bills seem to be on the rise while the Sabres are quickly falling. It will certainly be interesting how this team pans out over the next couple years. It’d be a shame to waste the talent they already have. Buffalos is a great hockey city and the fan base deserves more.

Clearly knock offs.



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