Dominos Defends Themself from Twitter Trollz👏

Dominos is facing “backlash” today for a tweet they replied to in 2012:

So apparently some people are worked up that dominos replied to this? Saying things like “F*ck you Dominos” and “You just killed your brand”

Kayleigh McEnany, is the current White House press secretary who apparently is also in the pizza gang.

We have never claimed to be politically correct here at the morning skate, I mean look at the podcast description from episode 8 😂

But seriously, I just do not get this. Couple things

  1. Saying dominos is better than any NYC Pizza is perhaps the biggest compliment you can give a pizza chain. I mean NYC Pizza is the pinnacle of pizza everyone knows it. The gold standard if you will. Why would Dominos NOT want to say thank you and acknowledge this pie endorsement.
  2. So Rick Wilson is pissed because Dominos responded to a comment thanking someone who is affiliated with a different political party than him? Jeeeeeepers dude, get a grip, I don’t know you and don’t know what you stand for, but were talking about Pizza man. Pizza.

Nobody is canceling dominos today, they will be quite alright. Oh and Rick, FUNFACT: DPZ is one of the best performing companies of the last Decade and one of the highest performing stocks in the S&P500 since 2012.

Im not gonna pretend I know a-lot about investing but I think this is good?

Take a lap. Then order yourself a pan pizza. Its delicious

P.S. Thanks for reading this, I know it had nothing to do with hockey but Dominos has really been there for me at times and I needed to reciprocate.

Author: BizDev

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