Troy Terry Signs Extension with Ducks through 2023

For those of you that live under a rock or have been in isolation due to Covid-19, now is the time to snap back into hockey mode. Due to the global pandemic the future of sports has been uncertain but we are less than two weeks away from actual real life live hockey. I’ve never been so excited for the month of August. In the past, July is usually filled with players signing new contracts, trade talk, season prep, etc. Some of these players are on expiring contracts and its important to keep that in mind while teams get ready for exhibition games at the end of the month. : Rubber Duck Ice Hockey | Bath Duck | Duckshop | L: 8 ...

The Anaheim Ducks have given Troy Terry a three year contract extension through 2022-2023. This is the perfect contract for Terry and once again we see another three year deal. Back in October I wrote about Alex Debrincat signing a three year deal with the Blackhawks. These three year deals really are the future. I don’t see teams giving out eight year contracts anymore especially without a covid vaccination.

Ducks’ Troy Terry nearing return to lineup, 7 weeks earlier than expected

Troy Terry is the brightest spot of the young guns for the Ducks. Terry leads the team in points, goals, and assists for players 22 and under. Is Terry a natural goal scorer or playmaker? Watch his first career NHL goal. Troy Terry can be considered both as well as a shootout wizard. The kid has a very bright future and looks to be a major building block for the Ducks to mold going forward. For those of you hardcore ducks fans be sure to checkout Forever Mighty. Forever Mighty has a great podcast covering anything and everything related to the Anaheim Ducks. For more information go to also on all social media including twitter, facebook, and instagram.


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