Free Money Part 2: Eastern Conference Picks Are In

For those that missed my last post, here is a link to that article that has my picks for the Western Conference play-in round. WESTERN CONFERENCE PICKS.

As a Rangers fan and someone who follows the East a little more carefully, I find these match ups to be a little more intriguing. In my opinion I think there is more money to be made in the East so let’s get started.

Columbus Blue Jackets +136 vs Toronto Maple Leafs -166

Elvis is in the building.

Is Vegas drunk? Leafs are at -166? If you are betting the Leafs here you are absolutely insane. Do people not remember what happened last year? I bet you Bolts fans do. Do people not forget that the refs swallow their whistles in the playoffs? Maybe the most annoying team to play against and a team that plays a 5 man system, that has great goaltending. The Leafs are the definition of underachievers. Obviously they have a better team and have the players to swat the Jackets back to their hive, but I have 0 faith that the Leafs team we all want to see will show up. Easy play here. Jackets all the way. Leafs are way overpriced.

Pick: Columbus Blue Jackets +136

Florida Panthers -102 vs New York Islanders -120

Mathew Barzal celebrating not having a real home rink.

As much as this kills me, how can anyone bet the Florida Panthers? I hate the Islanders. I will get a Panther face paint done every game. But you have to leave emotions aside if you want to make the right pick. Islanders all the way. Mathew Barzal will be a force to be reckoned with and will take full control of this best of 5 series. I am going to say that Islanders win in 3 games. Yup that’s right. Whales is taking Islanders in 3. If I am wrong then I still win because their isn’t an amount of money that I’m not willing to pay to see the Islanders lose.

Pick: New York Islanders -120

Montreal Canadiens +166 vs Pittsburgh Penguins -205

Pittsburgh Penguins center Sidney Crosby (87) Pittsburgh Penguins center Evgeni Malkin (71)

Unless the Pens all get Covid the night before this series, then remortgage the house on the Penguins. If you need an explanation why, you shouldn’t be gambling. Penguins are my sleeper pick to win the cup.

Pick: Pittsburgh Penguins -205

New York Rangers +112 vs Carolina Hurricanes -136

Brady looks better in red and black. Thanks Carolina.

These lines make me very very nervous. Why is Carolina so high? They were barely hanging on to a playoff spot towards the end of the season. The New York Rangers have an insane record against this team for as long as I can remember. So Vegas wants me to pick the Rangers by overpricing the Hurricanes? I don’t like this one bit. I think this will be a 5 game series, and anything can happen in a game 5. There is definitley value in taking the Rangers. They have goaltending. They have the offense. A younger defense concerns me and I’m worried that they could give up goals in bunches if they have a melt down period or two. But they own the Hurricanes. I would hold off throwing money on this series right now with so many question marks on who will start in goal for the Rangers.

Pick: Carolina Hurricanes -136 (Vegas knows something I don’t. The public loves the Rangers and the public is always wrong).

My picks for the East are in and I cannot wait until August. The NHL playoffs are always the best time of the year and I don’t think this year will be any different. Again, if you hate my picks and disagree, please comment your picks heading into the play-in round. Also, the lines will be changing like crazy so be careful if you are placing bets now. Good luck to all you gamblers and let’s fucking go! Hockey Is Back!


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