Blackhawks Ink DeBrincat to 3 Year Deal. Other Teams Should Take Notes

The regular season started on Wednesday, and by Friday morning we already have a bunch of contract extensions. Get all your deals done while everybody is playing golf. That’s what the offseason is for right? So much happens over the summer its hard to keep track of each and every transaction. As a GM one of your jobs is to tell the future. These seven and eight year contract deals are insane! Do you know whats going to happen eight years from now? How many years does Brent Seabrook have left on his contract?

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 10.59.19 AM.png

That was a BUST!

BIG fan of the three year deal for Alex DeBrincat. Blackhawks fans should be happy because the front office nailed this one. Two to four year contract deals are the way to go and maybe the rest of the league can learn from the Blackhawks past mistakes, it certainly looks like they are. My only problem is the graphic @nhl used on twitter to make the announcement. Hire a real graphic designer cuz this shit looks awful. 

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