A Way Too Early Reaction to Flyers – Habs Game 2

Uh…well…yikes. I really don’t even know where to begin with this one because I have never been so dumbfounded by the Flyers, at least in my recent memory. Whenever they’ve sucked in the past, I expected it because they were never a top team that was expected to perform well. This team is clearly different, and based on my previous posts you can see just how completely sold I am on this team.

That being said, oh my GOD were the Flyers completely embarrassed by the Canadiens in game two. Like, I’m talking absolute domination by Montreal from start to finish. This game was over within the first minute, when Tomas Tatar buried a rebound off a weak shot from Brendan Gallagher, and then the Habs just kept hounding the puck. I don’t think I’ve seen this Flyers team so lethargic, so flatfooted, just so overall bad at hockey in all of the 2019-2020 season. They would hold on to the puck for way too long, not do anything, and end up turning it over to a Canadiens team that has proven to have a great transition game. God forbid you give up an odd man rush when they can hurt you even. It really looked like the Habs were the one seed and the Flyers the eight. It was that bad.

Another thing I need to bring up is the play of Carter Hart. Hartsy, buddy, I hope you’re reading this because you didn’t deserve ANY of this. I honestly think only one of the goals before he was pulled was Hart’s fault. The others I don’t think Jesus could have stopped. The Flyers gave Hart absolutely zero support, leaving him to just get rocked. It is so bad for a goalie’s confidence, especially in the playoffs, to give up four goals and get pulled. I’m praying that the kid’s got a short memory and moves on to game three to play like his usual self.

I’m not sure if the guys just got hammered celebrating Hart’s 22nd birthday the other night, or what. All I know is, it better have been a one time thing, or this series is going to be over really quickly and not in the Flyers’ favor. Thank the Lord this is a best of seven and they don’t play again until Sunday cause they need some serious intervention from someone or something before they play again. I need Alain Vigneault to shout at them to “be a f_____ Flyer” a hundred times to get the message through cause that looked more like the Red Wings.

Like I said, the Flyers are back at it on Sunday, and they need to show up or they run the serious risk of falling into a 2-1 hole in the first round. Here’s the thing. I know I said Flyers in six so I shouldn’t be worried, but it is my God given right as a Philadelphia sports fan to completely overreact to my team playing poorly for one game.

I will not change my stance. Flyers in six.

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