AV is Crying That The Canadiens Put Their Number One PP Unit on The Ice?


Not a huge AV guy after his last couple years with the Rangers and this just solidifies the case. Who cares that the other team put their number one unit out? Can you be mad about it? Oh hell ya, but going to the media and crying about it is as beta as it gets. I think it would’ve made more of an impact is AV dressed up Kirk Muller like the GM of the Indians in Major League.


Keep that shit in house, use it for fuel and get out there and take it. That sounds like a championship pedigree compared to going to the media and asking for a napkin to blow your nose.

Author: Ked

1st line thoughts with a 4th line heart. Hope you guys enjoy the site and let us know what we can do to make it better. ALWAYS remember-- When in doubt, glass and out.

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