Todd Reirden Out as Capital’s Coach!

As of this Sunday morning Caps head coach Todd Reirden will no longer be the bench boss in D.C. for the 2020-2021 season.

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The first to break the news was Elliotte Friedman:

Back in 2014 Reirden joining the Capitals as an assistant coach after he was let go by the rival Pittsburgh Penguins. Reirden had been shown the ropes over the years during his assistant duties to one day take over the helm as head coach. Which he did after the exit of Barry Trotz following the magical 2018 Stanley Cup Championship.

Reirden in the 151 games he was head coach for accumulated a record of 89-46-16 and a playoff record of 4-8 which in D.C just isn’t acceptable. Especially after getting the gentleman’s sweep of a 4-1 series loss to former Caps head coach Barry Trotz’s Isles. Now I know Reirden isn’t the guy n the ice and stopping shots but he is the one running the show, and at first I figured he would get fired as the scapegoat because the organization needed a quick change to preserve whats left of Ovi’s career, but it could be a deeper problem within the coaching staff but let’s not hope that is the case.

The Cap’s GM statement:

As I mentioned in my blog the other day, the top guys I would love to see the Caps go after are Gallant being number 1 and Laviolette for the number 2 choice and whatever they do DON’T EVEN TALK TO BABCOCK!!!! People will always say “wHy DiDnT yOu KeEP TrOTz?” but don’t realize that Trotz had a clause for an extension if they won the cup. That extension was for around $4 million less than what he got in NYI. Also his contract had expired in Washington and the Caps would have had to throw him a boatload of money to resign him.

Also people wanted Trotz fired after going down 2-0 to Columbus when he was with the Caps. Trotz won 2 playoff series in 15 years in Nashville. Trotz is a great guy and got us a cup, but lets all take a chill pill for a second.

I think Reirden will land somewhere in the NHL, not sure if it will be a head coaching job right away, but he has proven to be a solid second man in command as proven by his time as the assistant coach with the Caps. Best of luck to Todd going forward it is an unfortunate situation but a situation that needed to be made for some positive change in Washington.

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