Stanley Cup Second Round Picks Are In…

I pretty much own the NHL at this point. After a 6-2 (+5.3 units) massacre in the first round of the playoffs and going 11-5 (+7.55) record including the play-in round, I am just an ATM at this point. Water always finds its level so I’m just waiting to go 0-74994 the rest of the way. Jk. That won’t happen. The kid is too hot to touch right now so let’s get going with these picks.

Dallas Stars +136 vs Colorado Avalanche -165

Can Mac Daddy lead the Avs to the Western Finals?

Yes I know this series already started since the NHL isn’t taking a day off for the betting lines to come out. I am writing this before the series starts though and this is an easy one anyways. Stars were lucky to escape a beat up Flames team that couldn’t get out of their own way. Pavelski won’t be able to bail out the Stars as they go against the hottest offense in the playoffs. Easy money.

Pick: Colorado Avalanche -165

Boston Bruin -118 vs Tampa Bay Lightning +100

Bolts are going to strike again.

This series is going to be a grind. Not surprising this is close to a pick em series with a lean towards Boston. Both teams have the capacity of taking over a game with their skill and offense. But in terms of gambling. The bet is the Bolts. Even money, low risk, and want to prove they are really an elite team. Who knows how long the Halakness monster can keep the B’s alive.

Pick: Tampa Bay Lightning +100

New York Islanders +118 vs Philadelphia Flyers -139

I hate that the Isles have this guy.

-139? Are you kidding me with this line? I will take the Islanders all day with this line. The Flyers are a solid team, but for them to be favored this much concerns me. Is Barzal out for the remainder of the series? Is Trotz leaving the bubble? Makes 0 sense. Easy low risk play for plus money. Islanders in 6.

Pick: New York Islanders +118

Vancouver Canucks +220 vs Vegas Golden Knights -275

Underdog of the playoffs looking to prove themselves once again.

This line is crazy, but accurate. Vegas is humming along and is real threat to win the cup. They are so structured and sound that it will be really tough to grind a series out and come out on top. But with +220 I like Vancouver. Huge money. No expectations. The Nucks are young and dumb and can make you pay on the PP. Vegas has a question mark in net and can give up goals with enough pressure. Vancouver is deep and skilled enough to make this a series.

Pick: Vancouver Canucks +220

Goodluck and remember to bet responsibly. I don’t need you to bragging about how you paid off your mortgage with my picks or anything.


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