NHL Conference Finals Cash Money Pickz

The second round didn’t really pan out the way I hoped. -.47 units and going 2-2 is just blah. Nothing you can do about it. Colorado down to their third string goalie and had a million missing pieces. Injuries can happen to anyone and that is why it’s smart to hedge along the way if something that happens. My Nucks too Vegas 7 games, which would have been a nice payday, but ultimately the better team won. Still love that play though. Gambling is about risk to reward, not just picking the “better” team. Anyone can do that.

Playoff total: 13-7, +7.08 units. Let’s get to the picks.

Eastern Conference Finals

New York Islanders +125 vs Tampa Bay Lightning -160

Can the Bolts get back to the Stanley Cup Final?

When I first wrote this blog the lines were not out. I’m shocked that Tampa is this heavily favored. This tells me a few things about the line. They want people to hammer the Islanders and this could potentially be a blowout. I will leave my original post about the series because I still think it holds true…..There is only one play here and it’s the Tampa Bay Lightning. Why? Because everyone is drooling over the Islanders. They play a great structured defensive game and have explosive offense. They are so sound, but haven’t been tested by a team like Tampa Bay. Tampa has the fire power up front. The wagons back on D. The big V in net. A perfect, balanced team that has added a grit this playoffs that has been missing in the past. Fatigue is starting to become a factor too. Tampa has the horses to grind this series out!

Pick: Tampa Bay Lighting (NA)

Western Conference Finals

Dallas Stars +190 vs Vegas Golden Knights -220

Can the Stars take down the heavily favorited Knights?

This has been a tough one for me. +190 is looking me in the face and I’m taking notice. But unfortunately it’s not good enough and here’s why. The Dallas Stars needed 7 games to beat the Avalanche. Colorado was my pick but the injuries completely changed things in that series. If Dallas was that good they should have been putting up 7 a game on Hutch. Vegas hit a very hot goalie and very dynamic Canucks team that exposed the Knights lethargic play at times. But overall the Knights are just too solid all around. Unless the Star have a few tricks up their sleeve, I don’t see this series lasting more that 5 games.

Pick: Vegas Golden Knights -220

So that all I got for the conference final. I’m not happy picking two favorites, but it is what it is. Line makers get better and better as the series move on so none of this shocks me. A Tampa/Vegas final would be awesome to watch. So that’s who I’m betting and rooting for. If you think I’m wrong and like a puppy in the fight, let me know!! Good luck and let’s get that money!!


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