Reverse Retro Tease: Our Wallets Quiver

Here in Dallas we are just now seeing the dust settle over the Dallas Stars release of their vibrant “Blackout” jerseys. The buildup by the marketing team was brilliant, but alas, people are apparently titled to their own opinions and there was a loud and collective “Boohoo”. The Stars faithful are married to their 1999 Stanley Cup team and their look. I’ll admit, it’s glorious even without the Stanley Cup patch attached to it.

Just as Stars fans were set to slowly insert their credit cards back into their wallet, Adidas hits the entire NHL with this advertisement.

Yep. More jerseys. A few years ago I wouldn’t shut up about the Stars giving us more jerseys. Well, a Winter Classic jersey, a blackout jersey, and now a reverse retro jersey later, my wallet weeps but I can’t stop smiling. Damn fine job. But what are these jerseys going to be about? Boy I am glad you are reading this. Let’s find out together.

A Closer Look into the Reverse Retro Jerseys

After some quick investigations you will see that every jersey has it’s teams colors as well as a specific number likely representing a year in each teams history. Now let me blatantly clarify that these are all speculated. The teams that the the guys at Icethetics have listed may not actually be what is listed, but for the sake of entertainment humor us on this journey. Here are my wildly outlandish guesses starting from the top and working down each row. (Maybe take some of them in jest.)

Thanks to the for the speculated breakdown. (

Chicago Blackhawks (1940) – I looked up their stats from 1940. Not good. Maybe they are reflecting on their current rebuild of being at the bottom?

Toronto Maple Leafs (1970) – The Leafs lost in the first round. So maybe an homage to that being their thing. Those pesky first rounds.

Montreal Canadians (1977) – Canadians won a cup with blue pants and red jerseys, so Adidas is swapping them? Maybe. Probably.

Minnesota Wild (1978) – Bobby Smith won the Calder Trophy and the color scheme looks like it belongs to a team that left for Dallas and won a Cup. Yeah, we all know what you are doing. Get over it Minnesota.

Carolina Hurricanes (1979) – It was the first year for the Whalers. It’s a Whalers style Hurricanes jersey. Calling it.

Colorado Avalanche (1979) – Another easy one. Nordiques first season in the NHL. It’s going to be heavy Nordique inspired colors. MacKinnon already posted a photo of the gloves. Another ace for me.

Edmonton Oilers (1979) – Another 1979 NHL addition. I think it’s going to be just a big ol’ oil drip. That’s it. Pat on the back for me.

Winnipeg Jets (1979) – The last WHA team, we see the Jets, who along with the previous teams headed over to the NHL. It’s going to be Tom Cruise on the front with aviators ala Maverick in Top Gun. With his glorious off centered face.

New York Islanders (1980) – Cup winning year for the Islanders. Just give us the damn Fisherman jersey Adidas.

New Jersey Devils (1982) – First year in New Jersey for the franchise. Came from Colorado known as the Rockies. Look for our only MLB/NHL mashup here. Red/Green Rockies jersey? I dare you Adidas.

Los Angeles Kings (1989) – Art Ross winning year for Gretzky but lets not play dumb here. We see those colors. Even though the last year the Kings wore the crown jersey was the year previous, the Lakers just won. That’s marketing 101 baby!

Boston Bruins (1990) – They lost in the Cup finals to the Oilers. That pissed them off. We’ve seen the leak. (Pun intended) That’s the color you see if you are dehydrated.

Ottawa Senators (1992) – Sen’s inaugural season. God awful. Historically bad. Expect a red Sen’s jersey with a crying Senator donning the front. (They had a 1-41road record that season. Hope they wear this jersey at home.)

Anaheim Ducks (1995) – Go look at the jerseys the Ducks wore this year. Those sweet cartoon quackers just jump out at ya! I am so onto you Adidas.

Philadelphia Flyers (1995) – Nothing special. The last year in their old arena, the Spectrum. Maybe the jersey will just be a giant Gritty face. Yeah. Let’s go with Gritty.

St. Louis Blues (1995) – The year they had Gretzky and Hull. A bit confused as they brought out these jerseys last year. Maybe we get a red jersey with a giant trumpet on it. Toot toot.

Vegas Golden Knights (1995) – Wow. Think of all the history here. I remember in 1995 when…what’s that? They have only been around since 2017? Makes sense. At least the leak looks cool.

Florida Panthers (1996) – I mean, it was their most successful season. I guess that’s neat-o. Okay, these might be some of my favorite jerseys ever in all honesty. Look out for a big kitty on a jersey. (Oh maybe toss the Tiger King on the shoulders for some pizazz.)

New York Rangers (1996) – Hey look another year Gretzky came to town for a team! This one is way less about the years happenings and ALL about the killer tarps the Rangers wore. Look at that beautiful Lady Liberty.

Pittsburgh Penguins (1997) – Mario Lemieux’s last season before his first retirement. (NHL’s Michael Jordan but without an embarrassing attempt at baseball.) I guess that means we are getting the jerseys that remind me of Danny Devito’s run as The Penguin in Batman Returns.

Washington Capitols (1997) – Another year where they just had the most glorious sweaters. Couldn’t find any significance. Ovi wasn’t drafted until 2001. Otherwise I say put him on the front.

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