We Had Theo Fleury on This Weeks Podcast

If you’ve followed us for a while you know that I always ask our guests what their “Oh shit!” moment is. This is the moment where you think to yourself, “Oh shit, I think I might have something here.” We started this podcast a few years ago and we’ve had our fair share of Oh shit moments and this is one I will remember forever.

Tune into this weeks podcast!

Theo Fleury ranks 64th all time in the NHL in points. He is a Stanley Cup champion, Olympic gold medalist, 7 time all star, PPG player with 1088 in 1084 games, World Junior gold medalist, and Canada Cup gold medalist. He has been to hell and back and wasn’t shy about sharing his story. We break down his career, starting from Junior and the Punch-up in Piestany:

All the way to his comeback with the Flames. You all might remember this moment:

Pretty loud for a preseason game, eh? Flames fans love Theo and Theo loves flames fans.

Since his career wrapped up, Theo has gone on to be an advocate for mental health and lend an ear and personal advice to people who are struggling. He even became a country music star, so naturally I had to ask him what his favorite karaoke song is.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think. I think Biz Dev and I are going to start uploading our video podcasts to our YouTube channel so head on a swivel for that. I hope ya’ll enjoy and be sure to tune in next week when Biz Dev interviews Tolik Borts of Altrunite, a nonprofit organization that designed COVID masks not only for the New York Rangers but also for us hockey fans. Enjoy!

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