Reverse Retro Tease: Our Wallets Quiver

Arizona Coyotes (1998) – Honestly just the most outlandish jerseys. Give me some purple and orange mountains and let me live Adidas. I guess they did end up in the Cup Final in 1998, but it’s the jerseys that we all remember.

Calgary Flames (1998) – Okay hear me out. Flaming. Horse. Head. I can’t find any historic goings on for the franchise, but I did find my second favorite jersey of all time came out in 1998. Also known as the “Year of the Cowboy.” Yee haw.

Detroit Red Wings (1998) – Wings won the Cup in 1998 but rarely deviate from their usual uniforms. Write this one down for one of the most boring reverse retros. Sorry Detroit.

Nashville Predators (1998) – Nashville’s first year in the NHL. Silver sleeves and all around yuck yuck. Seeing the yellow and blue could be good but if I catch a whiff of silver. Toss it out. Don’t toy with me Adidas.

San Jose Sharks (1998) – This is a tough one. The jerseys weren’t particularly great and the team made the Stanley Cup playoffs with a losing record in the 1998-99 season. I have to list this as a true wildcard. (I bet there is a shark on it though.)

Dallas Stars (1999) – I swear if Adidas doesn’t replicate the Stanley Cup jerseys from 1999 this city will whine so damn much about it. Mark my words Adidas. Tears will be shed.

Columbus Blue Jackets (2000) – We have reached the millennium! The Blue Jackets shimmied into the league. They had a bug on their shoulders. Their main logo looked like a tangled string of Christmas lights. This should be interesting.

Buffalo Sabres (2000) – The year wasn’t exactly kind to the Sabres but maybe we can get a new color scheme on the crossing swords logo? Otherwise I just see it saying “NO GOAL.”

Vancouver Canucks (2001) – Another thinker. With my super in depth research I didn’t find too much significance in the year. The jerseys were Sea World heavy. Maybe a green version of Shamu?

Tampa Bay Lightning (2004) – Cup winning year for the Bolts. Not the snazziest year for jerseys but boy howdy wouldn’t it be fun to see those lightning bolts back on the sleeves? I dare you Adidas. Make them pop!

Well that’s it! Remember the list is based on speculation so if these don’t match up, well I warned you. What are your thoughts? What do you want to see for your teams reverse retro? Let us know!

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