Jack Hughes Additional 15lbs of Muscle Beats The Rangers

Game three had a lot of game 1 and game 2 in it, didn’t it? The Rangers came out flat, lacked any sort of consistency, and couldn’t get the big stop when they desperately needed it. However, if you look at the game, not the scoreboard, you’d see that the Rangers had their chances, didn’t pass up on putting pucks on net (minus you, Stromer) and were really able to dictate play through large portions of the game.

Shesterkin looked phenomenal in the third period when the Rangers needed it. He made 3 saves off the top of my head that kept the Rangers in the game. Nice bounce back from the prince.

Smitty had 5 hits his first shift. So he’ll probably be replaced.

Buchnevich really seems to have turned a corner. I mean, look at Chytils goal. The guy is by himself, gets the puck deep while wheeling through 3 NJ defenseman and gets the puck in from for Chytil to clean it up.

I love Brendan Lemieux. The guy drew two penalties, blocked consecutive shots, drove the net hard on multiple occasions. I know his fancy stats don’t make him a highly skilled elite top two line guy, but he is exactly what the Rangers need when those guys need a break.

Jack Johnson is the type of hockey player at open skates where when they have the puck at the point I just get out of the way because he has no idea where it’s going. Glass half full? You never have to worry about telling that guy to shoot the puck- you might just have to tell him where to shoot it.

Tony D is back next game, no?

Sure hope Mika is okay. What a bizarre play in which he blows a wheel and goes slamming in the boards. 93 did not look great on the bench at all.

Kreider looked more engaged / around the puck this game. He’s a great play but drives me nuts because he has all the tools to be a threat every single time he’s on the ice but we get that once every three games.

A lot of people will say Kaapo is as good as Hughes but it doesn’t show because of his TOI. To those people, I’m sorry, I think you’re wrong. Hughes straight up took over a game – not a shift – not 15 seconds – Jack Hughes was the New Jersey devils last night. And yeah, with more TOI comes more confidence, sure. But if you watched last night and thought they were the same player, I honestly don’t know what to tell you. Also, that’s nothing against Kaapo- I was jacked up that he was buzzin early on in the game. He looked like he was playing with more of a swagger but the difference is, I was excited about a few good shifts— can you imagine if he had 2 goals and an assist (which was almost 2 assists)? Hughes is going to be a stud.

When in doubt, give the puck to K’Andre and just let him skate it out of the zone. How nice is that option? I can’t wait to watch him once he has 100 NHL games under his belt. Watch out.

I could write a novel about how good Adam Fox is. The poise, the decision making, the escapability and guess what. He’s 22 years old. 22!

Nice to see Gauthier play 4 minutes, smh.

On to Pittsburgh. The Rangers are about start a 4 game road trip, 2 against Pitt and 2 against Buffalo. How do you think these games will go?

Author: Ked

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