Six More Years in St. Louis for Jordan Binnington

The Blues have signed Jordan Binnington to a six year extension. Six more years in St. Louis and the 27-year-old doesn’t plan on going anywhere. “I think it’s important to reflect. I’m very proud of myself and the people around me (and) I’m proud to be a St. Louis Blue. We already have so many memories made. I’m very happy here in St. Louis, the people are so genuine. There’s a lot to reflect on.”

Binnington says he still has a lot more to prove. He is a big reason the Blues are relevant in the Honda West especially with all the injuries. Since his debut, he ranks second overall in the league in wins. With this seasons condensed schedule Binnington carries a heavy work load as Ville Husso has only played nine games thus far. Goalies in the NHL get paid and when you carry your team to the cup as a rookie that only pads the resume.

Doug Armstrong has been in the Blues organization for over a decade and is slowly turning into one of the most likable General Managers in the league. I’ve questioned some of the decisions in the past but lately every move Armstrong makes seems to have a purpose. This move was genius by Armstrong as we reach the midpoint in the season.

This contract was not random as Doug Armstrong did his homework and reacted to the market. The deal is comparable to what Calgary gave Jacob Markstrom in the offseason and what Winnipeg offered Connor Hellebuyck the previous summer. Binnington’s numbers are impressive since he entered the league ranking fourth in shutouts and eighth in goals-against average.

I have harped on how important the length of these contracts are in order to maintain the salary cap. These seven and eight year deals are insane but a six year deal for a goaltender is reasonable. I am a big fan of that contract the Blackhawks gave Alex DeBrincat. Maybe one day we could see the Cat sign with St. Louis. Oh yeah, I almost forgot this blog was about Jordan Binnington and if you think he doesn’t deserve this six year contract extension just look where he ranks among Blues goaltenders.

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