Rangers Embarrass The Bruins on Their Home Ice

Now before Rangers fans go off on this “We’ve beaten the Bruins, we should make the playoffs” story line, which will undoubtedly happen, let me get out in front of that by saying that was one of the worst games I’ve ever seen the Boston Bruins play. The erection line was baby shit soft, Frederic cruised around looking and acting like a muppet, Ritchie was off getting fried dough with 12:15 left in the second period, Cliffy hockey realized that no-one is listening whenever he talks, and the Boston Bruins got skullfucked by a defense that sports a guy who is scared to death to have the puck, a wild card Smitty, and a 38 year old Trouba, along with a back up goalie who tried stealing Didi Gregorious’ emojis just a few seasons ago (I forgive you).

Now, even though the Bruins played like bear shit, the Rangers did defend their net pretty well, only allowing 18 shots. It seemed like they kept everything to the outside, dominated the neutral zone, got pucks deep, and played within their bounds. 

First line: Zibanejad might not be scoring at the pace he was before, but he is dishing the puck pretty well and the chances are always there. Think about how many times Mika should’ve scored this year. Yeah, this is frustrating, but he’s still putting himself in a position for those opportunities to even exist— you just have to hope they’ll come. Kreids and Buch also had a goal and this line seemed to control the pace of the game. Inkreiderable.

Second line: It seemed that Panarin was a little off in terms of explosion and electricity, but it is still so much fun to watch him with the puck. This pass to Strome? I mean cmon.

Also, for all the Strome haters, suck it.

Third Line: The kid line played well— pretty north south and weren’t a liability in the d-zone. Kaapo, by the way, is going to go off here in the next few games. He’s dominant on the puck and at some point those will end up in the back of the net. Think about how slow Kaapo looked last year and now watch him fly into the o-zone with his stick on the ice, commanding a pass. Unreal.

Fourth line: Our fourth line was better than their fourth line and it wasn’t even close. They got pucks deep, were hard on the forecheck, and mixed it up when necessary. PDG needs to put his bubble back on.

Defense: Adam Fox is so fucking good. What a special player. It’s not like he had a 6’9 legend teaching him the ins and outs of the NHL, he’s doing it himself. So while other top USA defenseman rip it up, Fox does it by himself and his development isn’t a product of being protected the first 3 years of his career *shrug*. 

K’Andre played a great game as Joe and Sam were borderline grunting into my TV but this kid is good. He makes simple plays, utilizes his reach and skating and just straight up defends. He’s doing everything that MSG told you Marc Staal was doing the last 5 years. Think about this:

Fox, Miller, Lundkvist, Jones, Schneider, Lindgren


It’s nice to see one of the youngest teams in the league bounce back and embarrass the Bruins on their home ice, the poor mans Garden. But as Rangers fans, we need to have realistic expectations. While the Rangers played well, the Bruins were embarrassing. My prediction? The Rangers will be two points out of a playoff spot with 2 games remaining on the schedule when the actual Bruins show up and beat us two straight. Why? Because I’m a Rangers fan and that’s the kind of luck I bring to the table.

Author: Ked

1st line thoughts with a 4th line heart. Hope you guys enjoy the site and let us know what we can do to make it better. ALWAYS remember-- When in doubt, glass and out.

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