Big Dick Energy: Slapshots in Shootouts

Hope all is well ya’ll. I’m currently in San Diego living the So Cal life so it was only fitting to talk about the energy displayed in the NHL last night.

Erik Karlsson put on a show. After scoring twice in regulation, Karlsson put the Sharks on his back and wired a slap shot home for the game winner in the shootout just moments after Minnesota Wilds Ryan Hartman tried doing the same thing.

MAJOR LAZER PLAY THAT TRACK. Power. Move. This reminds me a lot of that “Anything you can do, I can do better” gatorade commercial.

Got to love Marketing in the 90s. Anyways, I think this is hilarious. I would say Karlsson wasn’t thinking about taking Minnesota on a one way ticket to clap bomb city, but after watching Hartman sail the puck over the net it was his time to shine. After scoring the game winner, Karlsson got to address the media.

Zero fucks given. Also, is it weird that I’m not a huge apple guy? I’ve maybe eaten a dozen apples in my entire life and i’d say 10 of the 12 apples were in the form of pie. Are apples the fuel for elite level athletes? Why does Karlsson look so cool with an apple? Is this why I didn’t make it to the show?

Author: Ked

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