Avalanche Sweep Away The Blues

As a Blues fan I am not satisfied but I understand and accept the fact that they lost to Colorado in four games. I wasn’t expecting them to win the series but I didn’t think it was going to be a sweep. At least they weren’t the only team swept in the opening round. At least they didn’t give up a 4-1 lead in game three like Mike Smith and the Edmonton Oilers.

The Blues were missing so many pieces against a solid Colorado squad. I can now see why so many people have the Avalanche as a favorite to win the cup. I still don’t think they make it out of the West. Impressive sweep against a depleted Blues roster, I don’t want to take that away from Colorado but I would bet against them in the next round. Unfortunately, for the Blues like most of the season multiple key players were missing throughout playoffs. The series moved faster than what the Blues liked and by game three they were missing two of their top defenseman. Things got even worse during game four as Tarasenko started to heat up scoring the games first goal. It was no doubt number 91 was ready to extend the series but the Avs top line couldn’t be stopped.

What a weird season with Covid. There were times during the regular season where I doubted we would even have playoffs but the NHL has done an outstanding job isolating those who have tested positive. This season will be remembered by many Blues fans as the season we lost a St. Louis legend. Some Blues fans will remember this season as the season with Mike Hoffman. There’s no room in the salary cap to bring Hoffman back if the Blues want to keep Bozak and Schwartz. Lots of questions will be raised regarding these three players and their future with the Blues. Tyler Bozak has already made it clear he wants to stay in St. Louis. Jaden Schwartz might take a pay cut to stay but the chances of signing Hoffman again are pretty slim.

The roster might look different next season but at least these two guys will be back. Plenty to look forward to for Blues fans. Maybe we will see Jonathan Toews and the Chicago Blackhawks?

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