The Blues Need to Win Five in a Row for Bobby Plager

The Blues won back to back games in mid March against the Sharks and have earned one point since. The losing streak continues and now climbs to seven games. The St. Louis Blues are a mess. Bobby Plager dies unexpectedly and the Blues are still a mess. Even though guys are coming back from injury things have not been clicking. For the rest of the season the Blues will honor original Blue Bobby Plager with a blue heart around the number five on the upper right side of the chest on home and away jerseys. Bobby Plager was in a car accident and died due to cardiac arrest on March 24th 2021.

Bobby Plager was bigger than Babe Ruth in St. Louis. A Blues legend who never left and made St. Louis known in the hockey world which is much bigger than the NHL. The city of St. Louis meant more to Bobby Plager than anybody will ever know.

Last game was ex captain Alex Pietrangelo’s first time playing as the opponent in St. Louis. Vegas smoked the Blues 6-1 and it really felt like the goals just wouldn’t stop. Pietrangelo even got an assist. Classy video to honor number 27.

Hopefully the Blues can beat Vegas tomorrow night and start a new streak. Let’s get the next one for Bobby. You’ve heard about the Gordie Howe hat trick well maybe a five game win streak could be the Bobby Plager hat trick. There’s plenty of time left to turn things around, its not time to hit the panic button just yet.

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