Be Like Jagr: Bring a Special Steel Plate to Put Under Your Food to Suck Out The Bad Energy

You know Ked is having a week when he’s back on reddit trying to find some hidden gems like this to let you know about. Shoutout to u/Amphibious_Fire for the scoop and just so ya’ll know I didn’t even attempt to go to this Slovak podcast to double down #journalism.

Can you imagine sitting down at a nice steakhouse with Jaromir fucking Jagr only to have him pull some cool ass steel plate out of nowhere. Obviously my first reaction would be, “Hey Jags, wtf is going on man?”

Jagr sits back, with the classic Jagr smirk and lets you know that some Russian nuclear physicist went full Ms. Cleo and told him that it sucks out bad energy. Bad energy. Is this why Jagr is one of the greatest of all time? We’ve all heard stories about his work ethic, about him showing up to the rink all hours of the night to get training in, but was this Russian physicist on to something? I’ll be honest the only time I’ve heard or seen anything about them is that HBO Chernobyl series and if were going based off of that, I’m running for the hills. On the other hand, Jagr was able to pot 766 career goals so I’m thinking this risk is most definitely worth the reward.

Author: Ked

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