Why You Shouldn’t be Surprised by Tarasenko’s Trade Request

If you haven’t already heard yet, I’m not sure what rock you live under but Vladimir Tarasenko has requested to be traded. Blues fans shouldn’t be sad at least I’m not sad because I had a feeling it was coming.

However, I am surprised the announcement happened during the Stanley Cup. This tells me there’s more to the story and number 91 is serious about the next step in his career. The right winger has one year left on his $60 million eight-year contract. I think many people were shocked by the news but I believe its time. Hopefully, the Blues can get a big package in return as Tarasenko still has gas left in the tank. Could it be time for a Tkachuk? Sources say Matthew wants out of Calgary. Twitter is buzzing about how both Bruins and the Islanders are heavily interested in Tarasenko. Not being chosen as captain has nothing to do with wanting to be traded I believe this is related to the shoulder surgeries. Three “unsuccessful surgeries” later… if this is true this is a bad look for the Blues medical staff.

Hard to imagine the last six years would be different if it weren’t for the original shoulder injury. The bottom line here is the Blues still need to sign Schwartz, Bozak, Kyrou, Thomas, Sanford, Barbashev, and it’s looking like Hoffman might stick around too. There is no way the salary cap will allow all of these players to return because everybody on this list deserves to be paid. With Seattle entering the league the expansion draft is most likely going to take away at least one of these players if not more. The Blues should keep these unsigned core forwards: Schwartz, Bozak, Kyrou, and Thomas. I don’t see Armstrong letting Hoffman walk away since Tarasenko wants to leave. Will we see Sanford and Barbashev on the Blues next season? Probably not but let’s shift focus on the defense. This is a major concern because Krug and Faulk are the only defense signed through the 2022-2023 season. I love Vince Dunn I think he is a fantastic offensive defenseman who has a bright future but his numbers have not been the same since the departure of Alex Pietrangelo. Something tells me Dunn might end up in Seattle and I don’t see the Blues offering him a big contract. Vince Dunn could be a solid trade piece along with Tarasenko as many teams seem to be interested in both players. This offseason is going to get crazy because guys like Seth Jones, Jack Eichel, and now Vladimir Tarasenko are most likely going to be with a new team. Lastly, I think this picture is funny and people gotta stop complaining about Champa Bay being over the cap…are you just jealous because your team didn’t win!?

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