Defense Wins The Expansion Draft

Every hockey fan knows the story behind the 2017 NHL Expansion Draft. Your favorite player may have even been selected! Many talented players were left unprotected and a guy by the name of David Perron goes off to have his most productive season in the NHL.

Over the last two seasons Perron’s powerplay points have increased since his Vegas days but 50 assists in 70 games is pretty absurd. He had 39 assists last season so maybe he can hit that 50 assist mark again but don’t count on it.

This year in Seattle your boy DP57 was protected by the Blues. The point of this blog is not to highlight David Perron but instead remind you that someone on this Seattle Kraken roster is going to put up career numbers.

Next expansion draft I could be writing about how Vince Dunn put up record breaking numbers in the inaugural season with the Seattle Kraken. Yes, I do have high expectations for Dunn and I am not surprised by this pick, but what intrigues me is that Seattle went heavy on the defense. Which leads me to believe the stacked defensive core is most likely pieces to be traded in order to bring on an offensive superstar. Mark Giordano could be a traded after he was drafted for the first time in his 15 year career.

Many people were expecting some trades to happen on Wednesday night in Seattle but that wasn’t the case. The entry draft starts on Friday and I would be worried if Seattle hasn’t made any trades by the weekend. The schedule will be released tonight and hopefully INSIDER Frank Seravalli keeps his mouth shut until then.

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