Pierre McGuire is The Senators New Senior VP of Player Development

Pierre gets a lot of backlash from hockey fans and sometimes its rightfully so. Theres only so many times you can hear about Ryan Callahans favorite food in the third grade or what Sidney Crosby painted back in kindergarten before the line of creepy becomes crossed.

I know he also recently got heat for the pronunciation of Mikko Rantanens name and everyone heard how smart Adam Fox was every time the Rangers were on NBCSN. Now, to a lot of people this is a victory in terms of watching television and I understand it. Pierre will now be taking his talents to Ottawa so you won’t have to worry about seeing or hearing any more awkward encounters.

I do want to take a second and thank Pierre though. Sure, sometimes he’s insufferable but fire up that brain of yours and ask yourself if there’s a human on planet earth that loves and appreciates the game of hockey as much as Pierre. Think about all of the hours this guy has had to put into research so he was prepared to talk about what players were playing the next day. Is he a dink? That can be argued, sure. But this guy eats sleeps and breathes hockey and I don’t think that is talked about nearly enough. I hope he rips it up with the Sens but if not it’ll at least be nice to get a little bit of a break before he inevitably comes back on your TV in the future. Gone, but never forgotten.

Also, what does a VP of player development do exactly? Is this hours of one on one conversations with Pierre? Someone explain this to me.

Author: Ked

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