Preseason Prescription Pill Drama

There seems to be some miscommunication between players and staff regarding more than just medical practices. Everybody’s body is different and require different tools and tuneups in order to stay healthy. Medication sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t but at the end of the day the most important thing is communication. Mental health has always been apart of the game and often leads to players stepping away. Whether its on the ice or off the ice if you’re not 100% there things can go haywire quickly.

The list goes on forever but here’s some recent cases that keep gaining traction. Jack Eichel and the Buffalo Sabres are STILL in the middle of a battle which is giving everyone a headache. Jonathan Drouin has been dealing with insomnia caused by anxiety which caused him to miss pretty much all of last season. Robin Lehner has always been an advocate for mental health but the most recent account comes on behalf of benzos and dinosaurs.

Your move NHL…

Playing in the NHL is a privilege, not a right. The NHL is a business which I seem to keep hammering lately. Drama and secrets are part of every business. Does the NHL have something to hide?

With Flower gone Lehner is the clear cut starter. This is what Robin Lehner has been looking for his whole career, will he stay healthy? Will these off ice distractions and the media effect Panda’s game? Preseason seems like a good time to deal with the drama…

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