Ovi inches closer to the Great One!

Little late to the party, been a crazy week at work but had to get this out.

At this point it seems like there isn’t a day that goes by without some sort of record breaking or history making stat that our beloved Alex Ovechkin achieves and on Monday night versus the Buffalo Sabres he did it again.

Early in the second period with the Caps up 2-1 on Buffalo Orlov took a shot from the point and at quick glance it seemed like Orly went bar down, but after the slow-mo replay it shows Ovi getting his stick on the puck just briefly before beating the Sabres goaltender to give the Caps a 3-1 lead and adding another goalie (Dustin Tokarski) to the Ovechkin graveyard.

After the officials awarded Ovi the goal (741) this helped move Ovi to fourth place into a tie with the great Brett Hull on the all-time goal scoring list. It also took Hull 55 more games to reach 741.

Ovi continues to be RED hot this season with a total of 11 goals on the season which gives him a one goal lead over Edmonton’s Leon Draisaitl.

As seen in the graphic above he will pass Hull maybe tonight or early next week and that leaves the flow god Jaromir Jagr next and if Ovi scores 26 more goals this season giving him 37 for the season he will finish 3rd on the all-time list at the end of this season. Lets say he gets 37 on the nose for the season that will then have him only 127 goals away from Wayne!

As fans we really need to understand how incredible this is especially how hockey is these days with how talented goalies are now. This chase over the next couple years will be fun as hell and I can’t wait!

Ovi and the Caps are back in action tonight against the Columbus Bluejackets.

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