Rate The Sweater: Veterans/Remembrance Day Edition

This week/end all the Michigan area hockey teams did some kind of Military Appreciation Night in observance of Veteran’s Day in the United States and Remembrance Day in Canada. In the state of Michigan, we are lucky enough to have teams from college, the USHL, OHL, ECHL, AHL, ECHL, and NHL playing in leagues in both the US and Canada. Some of those teams had special theme night sweaters that they wore or are going to wear tonight, either during warm-ups or during their games.

I love theme night jerseys. These jerseys could be cause related, such as cancer, military, autism awareness, etc. The game-worn sweaters are often auctioned off with benefits going to whatever charity. Or they are just for the fun of it; 90s Nickelodeon, Star Wars, Zombie/Halloween Night, or anything you could think of. They are different and bring some more excitement to teams and games.

These hit close to home with me. I had the honor to serve in the United States Navy along side men and women from different countries, different communities, different ways of life and backgrounds. It is completely a true statement that you build a whole other family with the people you serve with.

This post is dedicated to anyone and everyone that has ever served their country in the military… even the Coast Guard 🙂

Let’s Rate The Sweaters!

Detroit Red Wings (NHL)

Team wore them during warm-ups.
I feel like you get the good and the bad when teams try to incorporate camouflage into a jersey design. I’d say this one works. The dark camo in the black accents and numbers with the lighter army green. It looks good. Extra points for the name plates with nods to military culture: Liberty, Endurance, Freedom etc.

Would Wear: Now and Then

Grand Rapids Griffins (AHL)

Worn During Warm-Ups Friday and Saturday.
I’m mixed on these. I know I like it. I’ve written and re-written this section at least 3 times.
The darker green looks better than the Wing jersey, the lighter color. The camo stripe on the arm is cool, the red accents on the sleeve stripes and numbers is awesome. The GRG logo is solid, putting the camo into it works very well. I’m just not sure that on second stripe of camo going down to the wrist, eh, it’s growing on me.

Would Wear: Now and Then, put it in the rotation. My home GRG jersey is probably my favorite that I have.

Kalamazoo Wings (ECHL)

I keep going back and forth between these and Saginaw’s as to which are my favorite of these four.
It is obnoxious in the best kind of way, like a theme night sweater should be. The camo blending into the red as the main color looks great. Striped accents over the shoulders, at the waist and arms with the star on the sleeves, which always reminds me of the star of the old style WWII fighter planes. Name and Number Plates look awesome with the blue/white against the red. Love these, want one.

Would Wear: YES, would wear as an everyday jersey.
‘Murica. F**k Yeah! Bonus!

, Saginaw Spirit (OHL)

Very similar to their everyday sweater. The lighter shade of camo with the white of the jersey. The star, striped as a nod to the country, already the team colors, nod to those Minnesota/Dallas Stars jerseys of the 90s into the 2000s. This is a great looking sweater.

Would Wear: YES, would wear as an everyday sweater.
‘Murica Bonus!

Agree or disagree with my grades? Have opinions of your own? Free feel to comment. Would love to hear from readers here or follow my twitter: @legendaarymaz

Thank you for reading and thank you to all those served and sacrificed.

***Please forgive the color descriptions.. Navy… deck gray, all the way.

Author: AP Mazza

Red Wings writer for The Morning Skate. LGRW!

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