Rate The Sweaters: 2022 Olympics Edition (Part 1)

It has begun!!! Countries have started releasing what their uniforms will look like at the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing. So, let’s do it again! Let’s rate the sweaters!

Team Finland

Official Finnish Team Release

These have to be the best of the jerseys that have been released so far. What’s not to like? It’s clean, the colors are sharp. That Nordic crowned lion looks great. Where the Americans and Canadians have released a home, away and third jersey, the Fins just have the two and I don’t think it takes away from anything. Simple. Perfect. What else needs to be said?

Would buy, put Selanne on the back. LFG!
Solid A.

United States Olympic Teams

Why go so far from something that works so well!? The colored striped jersey does work, look at the Finnish jersey but this one is a failed attempt. Looking at the previous versions of USA sweaters that have been put out over the years, you had some great looking sweaters. This one looks like a cheap sweatshirt.

I’m happy with my IIHF USA jersey. I’d be happier with a blue diagonal font USA Font style (current NTDP sweaters).

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it… well, they broke it. Maybe it’s one of those uni’s that will look better on the ice? That can happen, right!?

Not good.
Would not buy.

Team Canada

Hockey Night In Canada

My initial thoughts were “All 3 are sick.”
Upon further review, less and less. This is one of those where I think they went too far away from the traditional. Made modern isn’t always made better. That Canadian hockey logo is so classic, the red/black maple leaf with the player in the middle, great. Clean up the leaf. The red/white/black looks sharp, especially the white sweater, but there’s just something about the logo. Also shoulder stripe with the numbers, doesn’t work, don’t like it.

Similar to the American jerseys, give me that older style, that 1998 Yzerman sweater.
I’ll pass but thanks.

Part 1 (implies Part 2)

Still waiting on Germany and Sweden that always has strong jerseys. Waiting on whatever Russia is calling themselves this Olympic Games.. “Not the Russia Olympic Team”… “The Olympic Team That Happens To Come From Russia”… “Putin’s Pulverizes”… and their sweaters.

It’s great that the NHL players are back on Olympic rosters. Anytime you can get more eyes on the sport, the best product needs to be put forward. It seems like the NHL is getting on the right track, back on ESPN, popularity growing in what was previously “non-traditional markets.” And as cliché and corny as it sounds, players representing their countries. It’s good stuff.

And seriously, the Winter Games, what else are you watching!? Cross country skiing when they randomly stop and shoot a target because reasons? No, hockey takes center stage……
ok, I’ll give you the skiing thing when they go down the huge ramp and then they Evil Knievel across the way… that’s awesome. Or is that from the X Games? Uh.. Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, it’s bobsled time!

Agree or Disagree? Share your thoughts in comments.
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Author: AP Mazza

Red Wings writer for The Morning Skate. LGRW!

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