Brain Games for Puckheads

So you’re going about your day as a hockey fan. You’re putting in the hours, grinding away at the job site, another typical day at the ol’ salt mines. You spin through your favorite hockey sites, creep the social media of your favorite players, if you’re feeling feisty you might even get into a couple of online arguments about your team. All of sudden, that uncomfortable moment arrives like an open ice hit. The time every day when all your co-workers engage in some conversation that you’re just not part of. You feel ostracized, left out, you want to be part of the gang and let’s be honest with ourselves, your feelings are kind of hurt. Why? Cause they’re talking about solving today’s Wordle game. The online viral game that has swept across the world like a plague (sorry, too soon?) and is still plugging along with a million different iterations available.

There’s Duordle, Bardle, Quordle, Heardle, BIRDL and even Lewdle. There’s something for everyone. Except you puckhead.  But that lonely part of your day when you can’t speak about playing the newest online fad game is no more!  Here at TMS we’ve stumbled across 2 hockey themed versions of this game that we would like to share with you Dear Reader, in the hopes that it makes you fit in with your co-workers and adds some value to your lives (especially for those whose teams didn’t make ‘offs).

First we’d like to introduce Gordle – named after Gordie Howe I’m assuming. This game plays just like Wordle and was inspired by Sean McIndoe (@DownGoesBrown) on the Puck Soup podcast and was created by listener Jay Aasiaat (@jaasiaat). This game is more difficult than you would think, as it combs a database of NHL players and you have to guess their last name. I’ve seen both 5 and 6 letter answers and you get 6 whacks at it before it gives you the answer. At the same time it’s frustrating and horrifying. Frustrating in that it’s harder than you would think to come up with names and horrifying that I know the names of so many players.

Next up is Hertl – that’s right Chumley, it’s named after SJS Tomáš Hertl, which means this game will be rumoured to be on the trading block for the next 6 years. This game is a bit more involved as you guess a player (no limit to the length of the name) and the game answers you with yes/no/close in 7 categories. Those categories are: Team – Conference – Division – Position – Age (with an arrow indicating higher or lower) – Nationality – Uniform Number (again with an arrow indicating higher or lower). There is also a hint button for the player’s silhouette. You can see by the pic below I started with Patrice Bergeron (I mean he’s the logical first choice, amiright??)

When choosing Bergy, it starts to narrow down the field. The player is in the Eastern Conference, the Atlantic Division, he’s younger than 36, not a center and he’s not Canadian. Also, his uni number is lower than 37. Ok, next guess.

Brady Tkachuk was my next guess. So the player isn’t on Ottawa, but he is American. I also found out that the player is a RW or a D-man and his age is between 22 -36. We also know that his uni number is between 7 and 37, so we’re starting to narrow it down even further now.

The only Toronto defenseman who wears a number in that range is Jake Muzzin (8) and he’s Canadian additionally, none of the Maple Leaf RW fit the parameters either. The Florida Panthers don’t have any right-winger that fits what we already know, and the Cats don’t have a single American on defense so that leaves (puke) the Lightning. Pat Maroon fits the bill; so we’ll go with The Big Rig.

Ok, it wasn’t Maroon, but we got the team. I also f-ed up and put in a LW when I should have put in a RW. So we know the player is younger than 33, and wears a number between 14 and 37. I’m going defenseman for this guess.

Winner winner chicken dinner. Nailed it with Ryan McDonagh. I’m ok with this since McDonagh is about the only player on that roster that I don’t want to shoot into the sun.

So there you go, a few games so all you motherpuckers out there don’t feel so left out when people are talking about their big brain games. Ked and I talked about it on the most recent podcast, which you can find here.

So, if you’re a hockey guy or gal (or know a hockey guy or gal) these games are for you or them and are both fun and challenging. Trust me, I’m wicked smaht.

Bonus first round predictions (if these are the matchups that end up happening)

As always you can tell me how right you think I am @abrow28

Western Conference

CGY vs DAL – sorry @lacesoutfinkle87 – CGY in 4. DAL is just happy to be here, the Flames are on a mission.

EDM vs. LAK – EDM in 5 – Gentleman’s sweep. Mike Smith turns back into a pumpkin for one game during this series.

COL vs. NSH – COL in 5 – COL drops one in NSH after a night out on Broadway. The team snuck out when Nate wasn’t looking.

MIN vs. STL – MIN in 7 – MIN goalies make the difference.

Eastern Conference

FLA vs. WAS – FLA in 6 – Ovi’s injury may shorten this series; but it won’t matter, as the Cats will prevail. FLA is too deep.

TOR vs. TBL – I’m actually rooting for a meteor to hit the rink, but if that doesn’t happen, Leafs gonna Leaf. TBL in 7

CAR vs. BOS – BOS in 6 – I’d much rather the B’s face a rookie goalie then Freddie Andersen. That being said, this CAR team is deep and relentless. Big test for the Black and Gold.

NYR vs. PGH – NYR in 7 – This series is going to be low scoring, grind it out hockey, but the NYR have the depth advantage on defense. Plus everyone on PGH is one Trouba hit away from being out of the series.

The Bruins close out their season with a game tonight vs. BUF and then tomorrow night at TOR. Neither of these games mean anything: so just work on some situational hockey, get your reps in and stay healthy. The real season starts Monday.

Author: Brownie

A legacy that was born on the frozen rivers in Northern Saskatchewan then forged on the ponds of New England. Plays with the heart of a warrior and the soul of a poet; always living by the credo handed down by generations of beer-league beauties that came before him. Skate Hard - Quick Changes - Win the Parking Lot.

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