Despite the NHL’s Best Efforts, Rangers Skullfuck the Pens in 7

Just a couple things here:

Really Mike? Really?

Let’s just rewind a second:

  • Kaapo game winner
  • 5v3 Trouba call – hit on Guentzel
  • 3 5 on 3s
  • 5 v 3 15 seconds into game 5
  • A blatant high stick goal allowed

What a world you must live in thinking the NHL is out to get you when they couldn’t have gift wrapped that series anymore than they did. You guys were up all 3 games when you needed to close it out. You got all the calls. You were given game 1! This was your series, but you couldn’t get it done. Shame!

Not to mention, this literally happened to you last year and then the league explained the rule to you. Incompetence!

  • Do I bitch about the refs and the NHL? Absolutely I do. So does Sullivan, so does Cooper, so does Rod the bod — do you know who doesn’t? Gallant and the Rangers. Not one peep, not one complaint. It’s always on to the next one and damn I love that about our team. I can complain for them.
  • I don’t know if anyone was harder on the DJ then myself and I’d like to say I couldn’t have been more wrong. I have lost all permissions to go at 93 for the rest of the playoffs. He was great in hame 6 and 7 and holy shit someone learned how to win a face-off.
  • Apparently this might be the end of the Crosby, Malkin and Letang show. These guys were incredible together and I can understand why Pittsburgh has such a hard on for it. Crosby is the best player in the world. Letang is playing like he’s 22. Malkin is a rat donkey and a shell of his former self but he had that it factor for a while. It’s Crosby and Guentzels team now. It’ll be interesting to see what happens moving forward.
  • Panarin, I very much appreciate you showing up when you did.
  • Sam Rosen still has his fastball, what a call.
  • Vally is one of the boys.

This team could’ve crumbled so many times and they didn’t. They just kept going and going and going. We made it out of round 1 so now we’re playing with house money. The Bruins pushed it to 7, who says the Rangers can’t steal this series? Hopefully we’ll only have to play the other team in the next 7 instead of a team and the whole league. Lets go Rangers.

Author: Ked

1st line thoughts with a 4th line heart. Hope you guys enjoy the site and let us know what we can do to make it better. ALWAYS remember-- When in doubt, glass and out.

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